Inspired by Jill

Jill Foltz
Hi, I am Jill. I love to be inspired and to inspire others. I teach Meditation and Self Empowerment classes in the Bucks County, PA area.

I love to be creative. I created my Affirmation cards using photographs I have taken and affirmations I use. I also love positive I created tank tops made up with three positive different quotes in 4 colors.

I LOVE teaching meditation classes and people started asking for the meditations, so I recorded some of my guided meditations onto CDs. There are 5 to choose from so far: Goals, Relaxation~Releasing Tension, Chakra Clearing, Meditations for Moms and The Healing Pool.

I truly feel passionate about being inspired and inspiring others! I really enjoy learning and growing and finding new ways to be creative...I have learned so much about the power of the mind and the importance of positivity as well as the MANY benefits of Meditation.

Peace & Love,
Jill please visit my Website or Facebook